New Blog Category: Tips!

I’m introducing a new category on the DZPVisuals blog called Tips!, which I hope all my clients will find helpful. I hope to make regular weekly postings featuring links to great sources of advice for both wedding and headshot clients.

My first post features a book called “Groomology,” which you can check out on After reading some wedding message boards I found out that there’s a significant gap of information for grooms out there when it comes to how to prepare for the big day. This was the one resource people did mention, however.

The Amazon synopsis says:
“Grooms Will Learn The Best Strategies For A Happy Bride, Including:

  • Being Sensitive To the Bride’s Needs and Worries
  • Taking Over Tasks the Bride Doesn’t Want
  • Understanding How Much Work Goes Into It All
  • Reducing Her Stress
  • Giving an Opinion
  • Letting Go of an Opinion
  • Being Creative
  • The One Thing He Needs to Do
  • The Benefit of Venting
  • When Doing More Is Less”

If you have any more advice for grooms please feel free to post it in comments!