New wedding ad!

I recently took out an ad in a new magazine called SoCal Scene, which should be in bookstores and coffee shops all around Los Angeles next week. I don’t tend to do a lot of paid advertising, but from time to time I give new things a shot just to try to reach a different set of clients. Paid advertising is really a gamble in this business. Some things work very well and others not at all. Or so I’ve found. In the past, I have also used wedding portals such as the Knot and Gathering Guide, but have taken a break from those two venues as of late. They’re a great way to get in front of brides, but they are also very crowded and in the case of the former, expensive!

Right now I am also running an ad with the Fairmont Miramar hotel in Santa Monica. The venue is gorgeous and is right across from the beach, so I thought it would be a worthwhile investment to work them. Plus they’re only minutes from my home! I also recently joined the Wedding Photojournalist Association, which specializes in wedding photographers who use a documentary approach for the majority of their work. With my wedding photography, I really try to focus on the real moments of the day and, with the exception of portraits, never set things up. I also don’t tend to use a lot of gimmicky post-processing techniques to make my images look faded or cracked as if they were taken 30 years ago. So I’m happy to be in similar company with the members of that association.

Really, the best advertising in this business is word of mouth. A happy couple tends to show your work to their friends, who sometimes become future clients. That’s why I work my butt off at every single wedding. Well, that and because I really love what I do!