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All You Need to Know About Installing a New Faucet in Your Kitchen

When buying fittings for your house, especially plumbing fixtures like the kitchen faucet, you need to make sure they complement your interior décor. Whether you are buying a faucet for your new kitchen or replacing the current one, you need to ensure that you get great quality faucets. Find out if there are new additions in the market, and how they differ from old taps. Faucets, like pretty much every product in the market, are evolving, New technologies are being used to make kitchen faucets and taps in Singapore easier to use and economical.

The writer of the following article discusses the various ways in which plumbing experts can help you choose and fix a kitchen faucet.  

Importance of Using a Professional When Purchasing and Installing a Kitchen Faucet

“Most homes across Singapore have taps in the kitchen as well as several bathrooms in the room. Taps provide you with the ability to access water for use in the sink basin, and they also allow you to control the temperature of the water that comes out of the faucet. Faucets are designed to function beautifully for decades, but many homeowners will decide to replace their tap to improve the style of their home or because the existing tap in their home has malfunctioned or become damaged in some way. When buying and replacing new tap, we can assist with all of your needs.” Read more here

While the right to determine the best faucet to buy lies in your hands, it is important to note that your sink may not support the size and style of faucet you prefer to buy. For example, faucets with two handles usually have three holes, while those with a single knob have a single hole. The number of holes in the faucet needs to correspond with the holes on the sink. If you are purchasing a faucet for an already fixed sink, look underneath the sink to determine the faucet you should buy.

In the next article, pewpewpew discusses different types of sinks and faucets, and the benefits of the various materials used for faucets.

Advantages of the Various Materials for Kitchen Faucets

“The process to choose basins and taps for our HDB home sounded like an easy one. How difficult was it to choose basins and taps, especially since we weren’t fussy people who needed specific shapes for our basin and certain types of water sprouts?

Our preferences were actually quite simple. PQ doesn’t like to have her hands touch the basin when washing hands, so we just needed to make sure that the tap was high and long enough, and this had to fit with the basins that we were going to buy. We also needed to make sure that the design passed Shao Jie’s taste, because it had to fit with the overall theme and mood. So overall, look simple, look classy, and don’t cost a bomb.” Read more here

You’ll discover that sink-faucet combos make shopping easier,  things become trickier when looking for a faucet for a sink you have already purchased. In Singapore, you’ll find kitchen taps made from different materials. Other than looking at the design and imagine how it would fit your kitchen style, you also need to ensure the material is durable. Taps made from brass last a long time because they can withstand high temperatures, are versatile, and they remain resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel faucets come in limited designs, are more expensive, and the high-grade alternatives are rust-free.

The following article on, the writer looks at different aspects of the kitchen faucet, and the impact of design on water pressure.

How Water Pressure Influences Your Choice of Kitchen Faucet in Singapore

“A reader wanted to know where we sourced our tap fittings, and whether if we had any to show on the blog. Sorry we had overlooked that. We feature them in this and the next post.

However, some comments might be in order first.

The taps and fittings shown here were those that caught our eyes, not because we approved of them, but because they looked pleasing or were unusual.

We were looking for taps and fittings that were reasonably priced, functional and looked good — in that order. Even if the tap was made in China, but looked nice, functioned well, and priced reasonably, that was good enough for us.”
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When selecting a kitchen faucet, you must look at more than the brand. Some manufacturers are more popular than others, but some of their faucet designs may not be suitable for your kitchen in Singapore. This is primarily because companies make taps based on the water pressure in their region. In contrast, some brands have chosen to design taps suitable for areas with high or low water pressure.

Many people in Singapore live in high-rise flats. The water pressure in such building may not be the same as the one on landed properties. If you are uncertain about water pressure, it is best to play it safe by avoiding faucets with narrow bores because these impede water flow. Your plumber can guide you on the impact of various designs to ensure you get the right faucet. Since the tap will indefinitely be exposed to water, you need to make sure it does not rust.