Finding the Best Mattress in Singapore: A Curtain Raiser on Firmness Requirements

Mattress firmness is vital for your comfort. Sleeping in comfort also improves overall health. But the perception of comfort is different for different persons. Finding a mattress with the right firmness is not easy. Maybe you are facing the same problem. This article aims to give you helpful insights on firmness requirements to help you choose the best mattress in Singapore that suits you.

Understanding mattress firmness

Most of the mattress buyers confuse firmness with support. Although interrelated, they are not the same. While firmness is your feeling about the mattress, support relates to how the mattress aligns your spine.

In a very simple language firmness only tells whether the mattress is soft or hard. This is a critical parameter that has a serious impact on your overall health.

The feeling of softness or hardness is also a matter of perception, and hence subjective. The ultimate goal of buying a mattress is to have a comfortable sleep and this depends on factors such as age, weight, sleeping position, etc. It necessitates understanding the mattress firmness numerically to clear out the confusion.

Measuring firmness

The terms soft, medium, and hard are very common in the mattress arena. Buying a mattress without understanding these terms may lead to frustration while buying a new mattress. Firmness is quantified on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 as below.

  • Rating (1 – 2): Extremely soft with high sinkage and no proper support
  • Rating (3 – 4): Soft with a defined sink
  • Rating (5 – 6): Medium. It goes well with different sleeping styles.
  • Rating (7 – 8): Firm with less hug and sinkage
  • Rating (9 – 10): Extremely firm with no sinkage.

What firmness do you need?

People have different sleeping styles. They sleep in all positions: back, side and stomach. As such their firmness needs differ. Some do not sleep in a single position but combine different styles.

  • Back sleepers: Their weight is evenly distributed when they sleep. Mattresses with firmness ratings ranging from 4 to 8 suit them.
  • Side sleepers: They require something soft to sleep. Mattresses with firmness ratings from 3 to 6 are ideal for these types of sleepers. Mattresses with 5 to 7 firmness ratings are suitable for them.
  • Stomach Sleepers: They require contouring with a little sinkage. Mattresses with a firmness rating from 5 to 7 are ideal for them/
  • Combination sleepers: They need reasonable support and contouring. A medium-firm mattress with a rating from 5 to 6 is the right choice.

Firmness needs based on body weight

The body weight is also a decisive factor in buying a new mattress. Heavy people exert more pressure on the bed causing more sink. Medium and firm mattresses are ideal for them. Their ideal firmness range is from 6 to 8. They should also get a thicker mattress. Soft to medium mattresses work well with the lighter persons. They may opt for mattresses in the range of 3 to 5 firmness rating.

Firmness for seniors

Sleep elusiveness, arthritis, and pain are common to the seniors. They need something to meet their challenges. Mattresses with 4 to 6 firmness ratings are ideal for them.