Looking for the Best Mattress in Singapore? Different Types of Mattresses Explained

Sleep is blissful! We need it desperately for recharging ourselves after going through the daily hustle bustles. Unfortunately, it does not happen with everyone. They always wish if they had a bit more of it.

If you awake severally in the middle of the night, maybe you are unable to relax in the bed. Your mattress could be the culprit for this! And this needs to be changed. Here are different types of mattresses that will help you find the best mattress in Singapore.

Air Mattress

This looks like a conventional bed. However, its construction involves an air chamber with padding on the top. Construction of upholstery includes anything from foam to fiber. The great advantage of an air bed is that it is adjustable and can have different firmness on each side making it the best for couples with varying firmness needs.

Coconut Fiber Mattress

Coconut fiber or coir is a natural material. This makes the mattress safe. The space between fibers helps ventilation as coconut fibers have hygroscopic properties, it delivers a cool feeling. It is perfect for those who are allergic to synthetic products. Sometimes latex is also mixed to make it more firm.

Gel Mattress

Gel mattresses are made by infusing gel to the foam for improving the comfort level. This enhances air circulation making the mattress highly breathable. This entails a cool feeling. This is durable and great for spinal alignment. No matter what the sleeping position is, people find this comfortable.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses construction involves a combination of different substances and technologies. Usually, this is made by using spring with foam, latex, etc to ensure more heat dissipation for better comfort

Innerspring Mattress

This type of mattress has metal springs underneath the cushion. It can be made firmer by increasing the number and strength of the springs. The design is traditional; nonetheless, it is a popular and budget-friendly option.

Latex Mattress

Natural latex has great cushioning properties for the hips, shoulders, and various other pressure points. The latex mattress is also a great spine aligner. These are available in varying degrees of firmness. It delivers an intimate sleeping experience to the couples due to its excellent bouncing property.

Memory Foam Mattress

It combines layers of high-density polyurethane foam. The mattress has excellent pressure release properties and adjusts to the body contour gradually. This delivers a snug feeling for complete relaxation. This is light in weight, yet durable. Handling is also easy. You can fold it for storing without any problem.

Pillow-top Mattress

It is the epitome of luxury and comfort. This comes with extra layer padding of high-quality foam or latex on the mattress for enhancing the cushioning and comfort level. Sometimes these are constructed with inner springs. This provides excellent full-body support.

Water Mattress

Water mattresses are excellent for the back sleepers. They can be of free-flow, semi-wave-less and wave-less types. In free-flow types, water moves freely and delivers a wave-like sensation. The wave-less type mattresses give no movement disturbances and the semi-wave-less mattresses yield a moderate sensation.