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Looking for the Best Mattress in Singapore? Different Types of Mattresses Explained

Sleep is blissful! We need it desperately for recharging ourselves after going through the daily hustle bustles. Unfortunately, it does not happen with everyone. They always wish if they had a bit more of it.

If you awake severally in the middle of the night, maybe you are unable to relax in the bed. Your mattress could be the culprit for this! And this needs to be changed. Here are different types of mattresses that will help you find the best mattress in Singapore.

Air Mattress

This looks like a conventional bed. However, its construction involves an air chamber with padding on the top. Construction of upholstery includes anything from foam to fiber. The great advantage of an air bed is that it is adjustable and can have different firmness on each side making it the best for couples with varying firmness needs.

Coconut Fiber Mattress

Coconut fiber or coir is a natural material. This makes the mattress safe. The space between fibers helps ventilation as coconut fibers have hygroscopic properties, it delivers a cool feeling. It is perfect for those who are allergic to synthetic products. Sometimes latex is also mixed to make it more firm.

Gel Mattress

Gel mattresses are made by infusing gel to the foam for improving the comfort level. This enhances air circulation making the mattress highly breathable. This entails a cool feeling. This is durable and great for spinal alignment. No matter what the sleeping position is, people find this comfortable.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses construction involves a combination of different substances and technologies. Usually, this is made by using spring with foam, latex, etc to ensure more heat dissipation for better comfort

Innerspring Mattress

This type of mattress has metal springs underneath the cushion. It can be made firmer by increasing the number and strength of the springs. The design is traditional; nonetheless, it is a popular and budget-friendly option.

Latex Mattress

Natural latex has great cushioning properties for the hips, shoulders, and various other pressure points. The latex mattress is also a great spine aligner. These are available in varying degrees of firmness. It delivers an intimate sleeping experience to the couples due to its excellent bouncing property.

Memory Foam Mattress

It combines layers of high-density polyurethane foam. The mattress has excellent pressure release properties and adjusts to the body contour gradually. This delivers a snug feeling for complete relaxation. This is light in weight, yet durable. Handling is also easy. You can fold it for storing without any problem.

Pillow-top Mattress

It is the epitome of luxury and comfort. This comes with extra layer padding of high-quality foam or latex on the mattress for enhancing the cushioning and comfort level. Sometimes these are constructed with inner springs. This provides excellent full-body support.

Water Mattress

Water mattresses are excellent for the back sleepers. They can be of free-flow, semi-wave-less and wave-less types. In free-flow types, water moves freely and delivers a wave-like sensation. The wave-less type mattresses give no movement disturbances and the semi-wave-less mattresses yield a moderate sensation.

Finding the Best Mattress in Singapore: A Curtain Raiser on Firmness Requirements

Mattress firmness is vital for your comfort. Sleeping in comfort also improves overall health. But the perception of comfort is different for different persons. Finding a mattress with the right firmness is not easy. Maybe you are facing the same problem. This article aims to give you helpful insights on firmness requirements to help you choose the best mattress in Singapore that suits you.

Understanding mattress firmness

Most of the mattress buyers confuse firmness with support. Although interrelated, they are not the same. While firmness is your feeling about the mattress, support relates to how the mattress aligns your spine.

In a very simple language firmness only tells whether the mattress is soft or hard. This is a critical parameter that has a serious impact on your overall health.

The feeling of softness or hardness is also a matter of perception, and hence subjective. The ultimate goal of buying a mattress is to have a comfortable sleep and this depends on factors such as age, weight, sleeping position, etc. It necessitates understanding the mattress firmness numerically to clear out the confusion.

Measuring firmness

The terms soft, medium, and hard are very common in the mattress arena. Buying a mattress without understanding these terms may lead to frustration while buying a new mattress. Firmness is quantified on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 as below.

  • Rating (1 – 2): Extremely soft with high sinkage and no proper support
  • Rating (3 – 4): Soft with a defined sink
  • Rating (5 – 6): Medium. It goes well with different sleeping styles.
  • Rating (7 – 8): Firm with less hug and sinkage
  • Rating (9 – 10): Extremely firm with no sinkage.

What firmness do you need?

People have different sleeping styles. They sleep in all positions: back, side and stomach. As such their firmness needs differ. Some do not sleep in a single position but combine different styles.

  • Back sleepers: Their weight is evenly distributed when they sleep. Mattresses with firmness ratings ranging from 4 to 8 suit them.
  • Side sleepers: They require something soft to sleep. Mattresses with firmness ratings from 3 to 6 are ideal for these types of sleepers. Mattresses with 5 to 7 firmness ratings are suitable for them.
  • Stomach Sleepers: They require contouring with a little sinkage. Mattresses with a firmness rating from 5 to 7 are ideal for them/
  • Combination sleepers: They need reasonable support and contouring. A medium-firm mattress with a rating from 5 to 6 is the right choice.

Firmness needs based on body weight

The body weight is also a decisive factor in buying a new mattress. Heavy people exert more pressure on the bed causing more sink. Medium and firm mattresses are ideal for them. Their ideal firmness range is from 6 to 8. They should also get a thicker mattress. Soft to medium mattresses work well with the lighter persons. They may opt for mattresses in the range of 3 to 5 firmness rating.

Firmness for seniors

Sleep elusiveness, arthritis, and pain are common to the seniors. They need something to meet their challenges. Mattresses with 4 to 6 firmness ratings are ideal for them.

Tips on Choosing Kitchen Faucets Based on the Finishing and Design

When buying kitchen taps & faucets, one of the first things you will notice, besides the design, is the finishing. It is natural to base your decision on how appealing the faucet is at first glance, but you need to look at several aspects before you decide the faucet is right for your kitchen. If you already have a kitchen sink, you need to make sure that the tap you choose has a similar finishing. Otherwise, they will look mismatched. For example, a tap with a shiny chrome finish will look out of place in a kitchen whose fixtures have a brushed nickel finish.

The writer of the following article looks at the various finishes available in the market and how you can upgrade your kitchen’s appearance with the faucet you choose.

Types of Faucet Finishes

“Whether you have a broken faucet that needs replacing or you’ve decided that it’s time for an upgrade to improve your kitchen’s appearance, it’s a good idea to carefully examine your options so you can make a well-informed decision. Of course, the design team you work with can provide insight into selecting the perfect faucets during a remodeling project.

Before you get together with your design experts, you can take a moment to become familiar with what’s available today. To help you with the decision-making process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive look at kitchen faucet types and styles:” Read more here

While some materials, like stainless steel, have been in the market for decades, new finishes have found their way into different households based on the owner’s interior décor and style. For example, brass, bronze, and chrome are some of the finishes that are used to give the kitchen a classic, traditional and timeless appeal. Sometimes, these finishes are available in two versions, polished or brushed. Chrome is one of the original finishes for faucets and is still a preferred option for many households because it is budget-friendly and durable. Other finishes are matte black, and the most recent, ombre, which was developed by Kohler.

In the following article, the author looks at the pros and cons of the various faucet finishes, and why it should matter when you are choosing a faucet.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Faucet Finishes

Functionality is definitely a huge factor in selecting the right kitchen faucet but you must also consider the aesthetics of your kitchen. You can’t have a bronze faucet for a kitchen that is predominantly stainless steel – look’s kind of odd. Hence, the finishing of a kitchen faucet definitely impacts the way your kitchen and sink appear.

The finish is basically the final coat or surface of the handles, spout, sprayer and other components. Take into consideration other appliances in the kitchen, the lighting, décor and wall color before deciding on an appropriate finish. Also consider how durable the finishing is. For instance, can your faucet handle minor scratches, smudges, discoloration and rusting? If a manufacturer offers a good warranty period, you know their product is definitely made for the long haul. Read more here

You need to know everything about the faucet you are buying, including what to expect from the finishing you choose. Materials, such as chrome, are favored because they are durable, economical and easy to clean. Buyers also get to choose from three textures, brushed, matte and polished. The downside is it often retains unsightly watermarks. Nickel has two main texture finishes, satin and brushed. While it shares the same positive attributes as chrome, it is best to get a faucet that has a titanium coating because it provides additional protection against scratches and oxidation.

In the following article, Camryn Rabideau looks at some of the kitchen taps that have received great reviews and are considered must-haves in the kitchen. 

Top Kitchen Faucets Designed for Your Kitchen

Best Overall:

WEWE Single-Handle Brushed Nickel Pull-Out Faucet at Amazon

“All of the parts inside are made out of metal and not plastic.”

Best Budget:

VAPSINT Stainless Steel Single-Handle Faucet at Amazon

“Installation is incredibly easy, the unit doesn’t leak, and it’s the perfect basic kitchen faucet.”

Best Touchless:

BioBidet Flow Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet at Amazon

“A hands-free motion sensor…boasts auto-off functionality.”

Read more here

Technological advancements have not only made it possible for consumers to have easy access to high-quality products, but shopping has become much easier now because you know what to expect of any product before buying it. This has made consumers more informed, even on items that were once foreign to them, even though they are essential in their lives. Take the time to read reviews on the different types of faucets in Singapore, and where you can get high-quality products at a bargain.

The various faucet finishes are interesting to see when the faucets are in the showroom. The challenge comes when you are opting to pick one over the others. Your choice needs to be practical, based on the type of sink and water pressure you have, and your kitchen’s aesthetic. The faucet needs to fit in with your kitchen appliances.  

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet Tap that Reflects Your Style

Everyone has their own style when it comes to home fixtures, like the kitchen faucet. When you visit various outlets to determine which one to buy, you’ll discover many buyers looking at different faucets. Sometimes, they are drawn to a specific design or brand because of the price, or the manufacturer is known for producing high-quality products. Some buyers are only interested in the latest trends, which include design and technology. So, they may choose to focus on the latest faucets over traditional models that have been around for years. View classic and advanced kitchen faucet and tap designs here.

In the following article, the author discusses some of the best kitchen taps in Singapore and where to buy them.

Popular Kitchen Faucets in Singapore

“Moving into a new home and need ideas on what kitchen tap to buy? Or perhaps you’re remodelling your kitchen’s design and want a kitchen tap that fits. Whichever category you all under, you’ve come to the right place as this article looks at best options for kitchen taps in Singapore!

The kitchen tap is an important detail contributing to the aesthetic design and function of your kitchen. As such, you’ll want to get a suitable kitchen tap in Singapore that best suits your needs.

In this article, we look at the best kitchen taps in Singapore. But before we do that, you need to know about the different types of kitchen taps out there.” Read more here

Kitchen faucets come in various styles and designs. While some taps are commonly found in some homes, others are unique to some homes. This is primarily because the price of kitchen taps in Singapore differ greatly, depending on the brand, design, and features. Some faucets cost as little as $17, while others have a price tag upwards of $400. It is vital that you to have a budget so that you can look at taps that you can afford. Some of the popular faucets include the deck mounted taps, pillar taps, and monobloc taps.

Worrypot, in the following article, discusses the benefits of having a faucet with a pull-out spray.

Benefits of the Different types of Kitchen Faucets

“I’m getting a 32″ single bowl square kitchen sink, and think it will be good to have a kitchen faucet with pull out spray to reach the 4 corners when cleaning up the sink.

I’d like the sink area to be clutter free, so a retractable spray will be good. Is it better to get a kitchen faucet that comes with a pull out spray (preferred cos less clutter as only 1 faucet) OR get a normal faucet plus a separate spray arm?

A big concern from reading some reviews is that these type of faucets and sprays seems very prone to leaking and problems! I’ve never used these before, always only used normal faucets.

Anyone has a good brand/model to recommend? Or should I stay away from sprays? Thx!” Read more here

Some taps, like the those with a pull-out spray, make cleaning of the sink easier and faster, especially at the corners where dirt tends to collect. If you have a single or double kitchen sink, you need to ensure the tap you get will serve you appropriately. Some models are quiet even when the water pressure is high. Some kitchen taps are great for places with high water pressure, while others have water-saving aerators. Before buying a kitchen faucet, it is best to look at the qualities and the availability of a warranty.

In the following article, Maren Estrada discusses touchless kitchen faucets, the pros and cons.

The Appeal of Touchless Kitchen Faucets

“If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dreaming of getting a Moen Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless Kitchen Faucet for a long time now. Of course, the MSRP of up to $699 has been something of a barrier. They typically sell for much less than that on Amazon, but you’re still looking at something in the neighborhood of $350. Unless you buy one today, that is, because Amazon is running a fantastic one-day sale with all-time low prices.” Read more here

Many consumers are turning to touchless kitchen faucets for the additional benefits, which include prevention of the spread of germs from one person to the next, improved water and energy efficiency, and saves time when cleaning. Automatic faucets are common in hospitals because they are more hygienic, and you can now get one for your kitchen. Touchless kitchen faucets are especially ideal when you have dirty hands and are worried about creating a mess in your kitchen.

Faucets of different styles and designs are in the market. Some are elegant, others are vintage, while the traditional taps are yet to lose their appeal, especially because they are affordable. You need to determine what you need from the kitchen faucet, and if you can afford the design and brand, you are interested in. If the price is too high, you can still find cheaper options that are equally good and efficient.  

All You Need to Know About Installing a New Faucet in Your Kitchen

When buying fittings for your house, especially plumbing fixtures like the kitchen faucet, you need to make sure they complement your interior décor. Whether you are buying a faucet for your new kitchen or replacing the current one, you need to ensure that you get great quality faucets. Find out if there are new additions in the market, and how they differ from old taps. Faucets, like pretty much every product in the market, are evolving, New technologies are being used to make kitchen faucets and taps in Singapore easier to use and economical.

The writer of the following article discusses the various ways in which plumbing experts can help you choose and fix a kitchen faucet.  

Importance of Using a Professional When Purchasing and Installing a Kitchen Faucet

“Most homes across Singapore have taps in the kitchen as well as several bathrooms in the room. Taps provide you with the ability to access water for use in the sink basin, and they also allow you to control the temperature of the water that comes out of the faucet. Faucets are designed to function beautifully for decades, but many homeowners will decide to replace their tap to improve the style of their home or because the existing tap in their home has malfunctioned or become damaged in some way. When buying and replacing new tap, we can assist with all of your needs.” Read more here

While the right to determine the best faucet to buy lies in your hands, it is important to note that your sink may not support the size and style of faucet you prefer to buy. For example, faucets with two handles usually have three holes, while those with a single knob have a single hole. The number of holes in the faucet needs to correspond with the holes on the sink. If you are purchasing a faucet for an already fixed sink, look underneath the sink to determine the faucet you should buy.

In the next article, pewpewpew discusses different types of sinks and faucets, and the benefits of the various materials used for faucets.

Advantages of the Various Materials for Kitchen Faucets

“The process to choose basins and taps for our HDB home sounded like an easy one. How difficult was it to choose basins and taps, especially since we weren’t fussy people who needed specific shapes for our basin and certain types of water sprouts?

Our preferences were actually quite simple. PQ doesn’t like to have her hands touch the basin when washing hands, so we just needed to make sure that the tap was high and long enough, and this had to fit with the basins that we were going to buy. We also needed to make sure that the design passed Shao Jie’s taste, because it had to fit with the overall theme and mood. So overall, look simple, look classy, and don’t cost a bomb.” Read more here

You’ll discover that sink-faucet combos make shopping easier,  things become trickier when looking for a faucet for a sink you have already purchased. In Singapore, you’ll find kitchen taps made from different materials. Other than looking at the design and imagine how it would fit your kitchen style, you also need to ensure the material is durable. Taps made from brass last a long time because they can withstand high temperatures, are versatile, and they remain resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel faucets come in limited designs, are more expensive, and the high-grade alternatives are rust-free.

The following article on renovation-greencoal.blogspot.com, the writer looks at different aspects of the kitchen faucet, and the impact of design on water pressure.

How Water Pressure Influences Your Choice of Kitchen Faucet in Singapore

“A reader wanted to know where we sourced our tap fittings, and whether if we had any to show on the blog. Sorry we had overlooked that. We feature them in this and the next post.

However, some comments might be in order first.

The taps and fittings shown here were those that caught our eyes, not because we approved of them, but because they looked pleasing or were unusual.

We were looking for taps and fittings that were reasonably priced, functional and looked good — in that order. Even if the tap was made in China, but looked nice, functioned well, and priced reasonably, that was good enough for us.”
Read more here

When selecting a kitchen faucet, you must look at more than the brand. Some manufacturers are more popular than others, but some of their faucet designs may not be suitable for your kitchen in Singapore. This is primarily because companies make taps based on the water pressure in their region. In contrast, some brands have chosen to design taps suitable for areas with high or low water pressure.

Many people in Singapore live in high-rise flats. The water pressure in such building may not be the same as the one on landed properties. If you are uncertain about water pressure, it is best to play it safe by avoiding faucets with narrow bores because these impede water flow. Your plumber can guide you on the impact of various designs to ensure you get the right faucet. Since the tap will indefinitely be exposed to water, you need to make sure it does not rust.

When is Knee Replacement Surgery Necessary?

Although knee replacement surgery is frequently performed in patients between 50-80 years of age, doctors base their decision solely on the knee’s condition, and not the age of the patient. Some teenagers with juvenile arthritis have also had knee replacement surgery after orthopedic surgeons considered it the best solution after looking at the patient’s medical history, physical state, and image results from the x-ray or MRI conducted.  Knee replacement surgery is usually performed as a last resort for patients with severe osteoarthritis.

Visit Providence’s Knee Replacement Surgery resource page for more information and schedule an appointment for an accurate diagnosis of your knee ailment.

In the following article, Jared R H Foran, MD, discusses the circumstances that cause orthopedics to turn to knee replacement surgery.

Ailments that Cause Chronic Knee Conditions

If your knee is severely damaged by arthritis or injury, it may be hard for you to perform simple activities, such as walking or climbing stairs. You may even begin to feel pain while you are sitting or lying down.

If nonsurgical treatments like medications and using walking supports are no longer helpful, you may want to consider total knee replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure to relieve pain, correct leg deformity, and help you resume normal activities. Read more here

Arthritis is the primary illness that affects the knees, causing the cartilage to wear out. If treatment is not sought early, the knees become more susceptible to damage that may make knee replacement necessary. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis are the three major conditions that result in chronic inflammation of the joints. Osteoarthritis is degenerative and often affects people older than 50 years of age. Rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand, affects people of all ages and is a type that falls under inflammatory arthritis. Post-traumatic arthritis usually follows a severe knee injury.

In the following article, Richard Laliberte discusses the benefits and the recent technologies used in knee replacement surgery.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

A power drill whirs noisily—shavings curl from the bit as it bores a precise hole. Cement oozes from a caulking gun to join two surfaces. A hammer whacks repeatedly on metal. Behind the workers, a busy crew shares measurements and part sizes.

It’s the sounds of renovation, but it’s not a new kitchen. In a hospital in Philadelphia, a medical team led by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Matthew Austin is replacing a knee joint. It is his fifth surgery of the day. An hour later, he’s off to his next case while the rest of the team handles the final details. Read more here

If you have undergone every treatment possible, but the pain in your knees remains unbearable, or if your movement is significantly restricted, your doctor may recommend knee replacement surgery. This decision will depend entirely on the state of your knee and the reasons behind the failure of other treatments. Remember that during the period that you were trying alternative treatments, the bone grinding at your knees never stopped. Having implants placed in the knee joint will permanently protect the bones in your knees.

In the following article, Yvette Brazier discusses the knee replacement procedure and what patients should expect.

Partial or Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery restores the weight-bearing façade of a damaged, worn, or diseased knee joint. The aim is to remove pain and restore mobility. It is also known as knee arthroplasty, or “knee resurfacing.”

The surgeon caps the ends of the bones that form the knee joint with metal or plastic components, or implants a prosthetic, shaped as a joint. This enables the knee to move properly. Replacement knee surgery can help patients whose knee or knees have degenerated due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis, when an injury has damaged the knee. Read more here

Before an orthopedic surgeon performs a knee replacement surgery, he needs to know the type of replacement you will need. The decision depends entirely on the damage to your knee. Partial knee replacement surgery is performed on patients who have damage on only one side of the knee joint, while total knee replacement involves placing implants on both sides of the knee joint. The doctor will discuss your situation, and which of the two options is more appropriate.

Treatment Options for Torn Meniscus

When a doctor confirms that you have torn your menisci, he or she will need to look at the possible causes before determining the best treatment. The solution will depend on the severity and location of the tear. The doctor will also consider if there is an underlying illness within the knee joint before deciding the treatment to use. The remedies include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and surgery for meniscus tears

In the following article, Benjamin Wedro, MD, looks at various causes of knee injuries, and why age matters in the treatment of menisci tears.

How Age Influences the Treatment of Menisci Tears

The medial and lateral menisci are two large C-shaped cartilages that are positioned on the top of the tibia bone at the knee. The knee is the largest joint in the body. Cartilage within the knee joint helps protect the joint from the stresses placed on it from walking, running, climbing, and bending. A torn meniscus occurs because of trauma caused by forceful twisting or hyper-flexing of the knee joint. Symptoms of a torn meniscus include knee pain, swelling, popping, and giving way. Read more here

The location of menisci tears matters because some parts of the knee joint heal faster than other areas, irrespective of the intervention. However, age influences the speed of recovery. For example, areas with better blood supply heal faster, even if surgery is the best treatment option. Unfortunately, the blood supply to the knee cartilage reduces with age. A 40-year old with a torn meniscus in the same location as that of a 20-year-old will take longer to heal because his blood supply is almost 20% lower than that of the younger patient.

In the following article, the writer looks at the duration of recovery when you undergo surgery for menisci tears.

What Influences the Duration of Recovery after Menisci Tear Surgery?

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy as part of your recovery. It’ll help increase your range of motion and help your knee get stronger. He may also share some exercises you can do at home. If you have a partial or total meniscectomy, you can expect your recovery to take about a month. If your meniscus was repaired, it may take as long as 3 months. Read more here

Surgical intervention is common for meniscus tears, but the duration of recovery varies from one patient to another. If you have had knee surgery, you can recover quickly if you don’t encounter setbacks. Menisci tear surgeries can sometimes become complicated depending on the type of tear and operation that you have. If the menisci tear were sutured, it would take longer to heal than one that was removed. People with degenerative diseases like arthritis also take longer to recover after a menisci surgery.

The writer of the following article on clevelandclinic.org gives an overview of torn menisci, including the benefits of seeking treatment.

Why Timely Treatment of Menisci Tears is Critical

A meniscal tear is a tear in the cartilages, or menisci, that are located between the femur and tibia bones in the lower leg. The menisci provide stability and help distribute body weight by keeping the bones from rubbing together. In addition, the menisci help distribute nutrients into the tissues and cartilage that cover the femur and tibia bones. Read more here

Your knee joint is one of the most important in your body. It provides the body with the necessary support to move. If you suspect you have torn cartilages, you need to seek treatment immediately. Otherwise, pain and inflammation are bound to get worse. Delays in getting treatment will cause your cartilages to get worse, and you can easily develop arthritis and other degenerative diseases. If you don’t notice a significant change even after taking the recommended medication, you should seek alternative treatment.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Meniscus Tears

You can tear your meniscus at any given time, especially if you are physically active. Sometimes, you may not even tell when you hurt yourself. Other times, the damage may not be due to a specific event. Some menisci tears occur over time, and not from one particular event. You can initially rest your knee, use ice packs, compression, and elevation for some relief. You can also take anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling and pain. Sometimes, this is enough to provide adequate relief.

In the following article, Jenna Fletcher discusses the dangers of exerting pressure of menisci tears.

Risks of Prolonged Strain on Menisci Tears

Knee injuries are a problem for many people. The most common knee injury is the torn meniscus. Though a torn meniscus can happen to anyone, this injury occurs most often to athletes. A torn meniscus often happens suddenly during sports or other activities that cause a person to twist, rotate, bend, or lift very heavy objects. A torn meniscus causes a knee pain that often worsens over the span of a few days. Read more here

Even if home remedies, like the use of ice packs and elevation, provide relief from the pain and inflammation caused by menisci tears, you need to be careful of the pressure you exert on your knee. It will help if you rest your knees as much as possible. If you do not ease the burden on your knees, the meniscus can break off and damage the joint. When this happens, you may experience extreme popping pain in the knee, a locking knee, or slipping kneecap.

In the following article, the writer discusses the things you should do or shouldn’t do when you have a knee injury.

Things to Do When You Have a Knee Injury

Take a break so your knee has time to heal. You’ll only need 1 or 2 days of rest to ease minor knee pain, but severe injuries may keep you off your feet longer. Talk to your doctor if it doesn’t get better after a few days.

Exercise builds strong muscles around your joints, and that helps prevent injuries. Once your knee has had enough rest, get back out there. Low-impact water workouts or tai chi are good options. But don’t overdo it or you’ll risk more pain. Read more here

The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) formula is critical when you have a knee injury. Resting helps to speed up the healing process, ice calms inflammation, a compressor helps to prevent fluid buildup, while elevating your knee helps to curb swelling. As you use this remedy to improve your knee, you need to ensure you don’t risk a fall because this will make an already bad situation worse. If you need support when walking, don’t hesitate to use a cane.

In the following article, Rick Wilkerson, DO provides an insight into menisci tears, including the different types of tears and why diagnosis is critical.

Why Multiple Tests are Essential for Menisci Tear Diagnosis

Meniscus tears are among the most common knee injuries. Athletes, particularly those who play contact sports, are at risk for meniscus tears. However, anyone at any age can tear a meniscus. When people talk about torn cartilage in the knee, they are usually referring to a torn meniscus.

Three bones meet to form your knee joint: your thighbone (femur), shinbone (tibia), and kneecap (patella). Two wedge-shaped pieces of cartilage act as “shock absorbers” between your thighbone and shinbone. These are called meniscus. They are tough and rubbery to help cushion the joint and keep it stable. Read more here

Knee injuries have similar symptoms, including swelling and stiffness. When you visit the doctor with these symptoms, he or she will need to confirm if you have menisci tears or if it is another injury. An x-ray will rule out any other illnesses, such as osteoarthritis. Menisci tears are not visible in x-rays. Once the doctor eliminates other possible causes for the knee pain, he will request you to do an MRI for better images of the soft tissues. Meniscus surgery is advised in some cases, do heed the advice of specialists or doctors in the field for an accurate diagnosis.

New Blog Category: Tips!

I’m introducing a new category on the DZPVisuals blog called Tips!, which I hope all my clients will find helpful. I hope to make regular weekly postings featuring links to great sources of advice for both wedding and headshot clients.

My first post features a book called “Groomology,” which you can check out on Amazon.com. After reading some wedding message boards I found out that there’s a significant gap of information for grooms out there when it comes to how to prepare for the big day. This was the one resource people did mention, however.

The Amazon synopsis says:
“Grooms Will Learn The Best Strategies For A Happy Bride, Including:

  • Being Sensitive To the Bride’s Needs and Worries
  • Taking Over Tasks the Bride Doesn’t Want
  • Understanding How Much Work Goes Into It All
  • Reducing Her Stress
  • Giving an Opinion
  • Letting Go of an Opinion
  • Being Creative
  • The One Thing He Needs to Do
  • The Benefit of Venting
  • When Doing More Is Less”

If you have any more advice for grooms please feel free to post it in comments!

Corporate head shots

I’ve been doing an increasing number of corporate headshots lately. This is of a local business executive who owns a nationwide transportation company who said he was in need of an updated shot. If things go as planned I’ll be shooting the rest of the top executives in his business on location when they’re all in Los Angeles for a conference in January. This will give them the benefit of having a uniform look among all their executives’ headshots, which is difficult to pull off since they work in cities across the country.

Image result for Corporate head shots blank

Engagement sessions

I recently started offering engagement session photography for couples. This is a favorite from a recent session with Heidi and Seth, who will be married next summer in Michigan. I’ll be traveling out to photograph the wedding as well and am looking forward to it! For this session, we decided to travel down to a lovely spot in Laguna Beach where I had recently photographed another wedding. This is a fun moment that came between more traditional poses when the couple reacted to something Heidi’s mother was doing behind me. I’m still not sure what it was though… All that really matters is it made for a unique photo that everyone liked!

New wedding ad!

I recently took out an ad in a new magazine called SoCal Scene, which should be in bookstores and coffee shops all around Los Angeles next week. I don’t tend to do a lot of paid advertising, but from time to time I give new things a shot just to try to reach a different set of clients. Paid advertising is really a gamble in this business. Some things work very well and others not at all. Or so I’ve found. In the past, I have also used wedding portals such as the Knot and Gathering Guide, but have taken a break from those two venues as of late. They’re a great way to get in front of brides, but they are also very crowded and in the case of the former, expensive!

Right now I am also running an ad with the Fairmont Miramar hotel in Santa Monica. The venue is gorgeous and is right across from the beach, so I thought it would be a worthwhile investment to work them. Plus they’re only minutes from my home! I also recently joined the Wedding Photojournalist Association, which specializes in wedding photographers who use a documentary approach for the majority of their work. With my wedding photography, I really try to focus on the real moments of the day and, with the exception of portraits, never set things up. I also don’t tend to use a lot of gimmicky post-processing techniques to make my images look faded or cracked as if they were taken 30 years ago. So I’m happy to be in similar company with the members of that association.

Really, the best advertising in this business is word of mouth. A happy couple tends to show your work to their friends, who sometimes become future clients. That’s why I work my butt off at every single wedding. Well, that and because I really love what I do!